Age Groups :

Baby Miss - 0-2 years                                  Teen Miss 16-18 years

Toddler Miss - 3-4 years                               Miss 19-29 years 

Tiny Miss -5-6 years                                      MS 30-up 

Little Miss 7-9 years                                       Mrs. any age 

Pre Teen 10-12 years                                      Elite 50 years and up 

Jr. Teen 13-15 years 

                                     Required Competitions:


Interview attire: Business or Sunday best. Interview will be a panel of three judges . you will have 30 seconds to tell the judges about yourself ,each contestant will be given 2 minutes with the  judges.

Fun Fashion -  “Fun Fashion Wear portion of the competition is designed to provide each contestant an opportunity to express her own personal sense of style, “Fun Fashion Wear should consist of something that you would wear on the red carpet or to a dressy celebration like a New Year's Eve party. Also should be FUN! Think of glitz, glam and dressy; but not casual or sportswear.

Beauty (Evening Wear) -

Attire: Baby Miss - Tiny Miss may wear short dresses , Little Miss - Elite Miss will wear long  dresses .show your personality !!!!!  Judges will be looking for Overall first impression, sense of confidence, composure, and poise; personality and stage presence; walk, carriage, posture, and beauty; sense of style and age-appropriateness of the evening wear.  Does the dress fit properly? Does she take command of the stage by simply walking onto it?

                                           Optional Competition :  


Perhaps it would be helpful to explain the purpose of having optional competition categories at pageants. They provide more opportunities for contestants to go home with recognition. and more stage time !!!

Enter a headshot of your choice to be judged by a panel of judges. High resolution digital
images will only be accepted. You will need to email your headshot into the national
office with your subject line reading: Name, Age Division, Photogenic. Maximum number
of entries allowed per contestant is 3. 


We want to see you rock the stage in an outfit of choice that represents our great
country, The United States of America! Let your imagination lead you and show your


We want to see your everyday style! Choose an outfit that represents your own personal
sense of style. Don’t forget to accessorize! 


This year’s theme is international costume. Pick a county and show off your best outfit
representing the country of your choice. Be creative and have fun! Anything goes in this


Show us what you have done as a titleholder throughout your year! Bring a scrapbook of
any size showcasing photos, letters, and memorabilia from your community service
projects and appearances during your reign. Scrapbooks will be turned in at registration
and returned after the pageant. 


USA Elite Miss National Sweetheart:
Be crowned a USA Elite Miss National Sweetheart and win a beautiful prize package by
selling the most ad pages for the program book. Ad pages are $100 per page. You may
divide the pages up to sell to friends, family, and businesses. Only full pages will be
accepted. See the Program Ads section for details.

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